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How to Hair: 6 Easy Steps to Surfer Style Beach Waves
Performance shot - making waves. 
This season is all about experimenting with your hair, the simpler the better and that's cool with me. I love the whole 'bed head' unkempt, minimal effort kind of styles at the moment.

 My hair is actually naturally blonde and I used to bleach it a lot for a few years until I went on a television show and they completely ruined my hair by back-combing the hell out of it until one side snapped off completely. Naturally I was devastated and thought it was time to go dark. Now I look like a bloody vampire. Ha ha. (Don't worry I am planning on going back to a 'natural' blonde pretty soon!) The point I am trying to get at is that I am trying to get my hair into a nicer state than it currently is, as it has been through a lot, so I don't straighten my hair and only blow dry it once a week if that. The hair style I have been loving and have spotted a lot of celebrities fashioning is the surfer style, beach waves. It looks super laid back and so effortless I am a massive fan! It is natural looking and it doesn't matter what you are wearing or what makeup you have on the hair goes with everything. Even better in my eyes. 

So, I have put together a 'how to' post on how you too can achieve this look yourselves and it is sooo easy!! Trust me. I have been doing it a lot, even when I had blonde hair...
Ignore my awful 'selfie' but how awesome does the hair look?!
 Okay so here it is, pay attention. :) 

Step 1:
I find the style holds better with just washed and blow dried hair. I use L'oréal Elvive Full Restore (5) shampoo and conditioner to help with the condition of my hair as it's colour damaged. So shampoo, condition and blow-dry. But before you blast your hair you need to add some key products.

Step 2:
Comb your hair through with a 'wide toothed comb' like the ones that they use at the hairdressers. The reason for this is because you reduce breakage by using a comb as using a brush will damage your hair (I used to work at a few hairdressers). It takes a little longer to comb through, but it will be worth it in the end as it will be less knotty.

Step 3
Now you need to add your product. I tend to use a thickening product in my hair first to give extra body and volume to my hair. I already have quite thick hair but it is also fine and I find my hair 'drops' really quickly. So if you're anything like me you will love this product, and it is TIGI Catwalk's volume collection in 'Your Highness' and it's a thickening gel. It looks like this if you want to purchase it. Oh, and it lasts AGES!!
You can get it from your local hairdressers at around £10
I use around 2-3 pumps of this product in my hair, the first two pumps concentrating on my root area and the third pump in my length and ends and comb through so it's spread evenly. This product achieves fullness and awesome manageability. I have tried so many thickening products but this is by far the best and lasts until your next wash. You do need to blow dry the product in though and don't put too much in one concentrated place as it makes the hair sticky. 

Step 4:

Next, if you have damaged hair like me or you just want to keep it in good condition I would recommend Moroccanoil treatment (light). I put this in after the thickening gel and I spread it generously through the length and ends and sparingly around the root area. You don't want greasy roots now do you?! I think this product works super good and it leaves my hair feeling amazing afterwards, and I actually found my hair grew a lot quicker whilst using this product. The only downside is that this product has a hefty price tag and retails at around £30 in the UK. I have been told there are other alternatives such as Argon Oil which is a lot cheaper and you can get it practically in any shop. I actually saw some today at £1.50, but I have never used it so I am unsure to whether it will be as good as the Moroccanoil

If any of you have used the Argon Oil let me know what you think of it!! You can get Moroccanoil at most hairdressers and the bottle lasts a long time. I have used mine so I am on to a mini sample bottle but this is what you are looking for.
The £30 bottle contains a pump and is a lot larger than this. 
Step 5:

This last product I sometimes use for this style but I find it can be quite drying on my hair, so don't use it often. But never the less this product does what it says on the tin and it is Lee Stafford's Beach Babe Salt Spray. It contains Dead Sea salts and 26 minerals, and leaves your hair with the 'just got out of the sea' feel, minus the bits of seaweed and sand. 
I tend to spray around 5-10 pumps of the product onto my hair and then rough it up a little. You can get this product in stores like Superdrug and Boots in the UK and Boots are currently having a 3 for 2 offer at the moment and this product is £7.99. Like I said I don't always use this, it just depends whether you are wanting a more smooth or rough/dry textured finish.
You can spray this into dry hair too. :)
Step 6:

Finally, this is where the fun bit begins. Once all of your chosen products are safely thrown into your hair blast your hair off with the hair dryer. There is no need for a fancy blow-dry (as this defeats the whole style process)and then set up this bad boy...
Yes, that's right this is the magical machine that will transform your hair into a mystical mermaid's. I have this exact waving machine and it is frickin awesome!!! It's called Andrew Barton- Making Waves Triple Barrel Hair Waver. It's from Argos in the UK (unsure if you have this shop around the world?) and it's currently priced at £24.89, and it's ideal for creating the beachy/festival look. It heats up to a nice 180 degrees and has 10 temperature settings and also cools very quickly. This is a must have product for all you ladies who are a bit Indy/Boho or even if you want to try something new like I did. 

You literally section your hair off and the amount of hair you chose to wave in each section is up to you. Experiment. I tend to do bigger sections and the odd smaller one to shake it up a little and make it more natural. You do this around your whole head and this is what each section will look like.
Move the barrel down each section of hair to create the wave.

And that's it, it's literally that simple to create this look and your hair looks amazing either up or down. I have a lot of hair, and if you do too, be prepared to be working on your hair for up to an hour. With that said, it equals out as it will stay like this until your next wash. Low maintenance or what!!
Excuse the state of my room!! 
As an added tip, if you want to add more volume to your finished surfer chick style then this is the product to use. It's Batiste Dry Shampoo and I get it in 'a hint of colour - dark & deep brown. It comes in different fragrances and ones for blonde and dark hair. It also has an one that is specifically for volume and that works wonders (it's called Volume XXL). The one pictured is just to refresh hair and not to volume a such. Currently it is £3.99 in superdrug for a 200ml can. Go grab it it's a steal. A must have product!!

I hope you liked my 'how to' blog post today?! It would be a lot easier posting this as a tutorial on my YouTube channel but currently I don't have a really good camera to film it on. :( 

If any of you try this out for yourselves send me your pictures or even comment so I can see how you guys have achieved the look. 

Thanks for reading  

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