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Foundation Review // Maybelline Superstay 24hr & L'oréal Lumi Magique

Once upon a time, I never used to wear foundation...Well any makeup at all. Firstly, because I wasn't allowed to wear it at school and secondly I just didn't need to. I never had dark circles and bags under my eyes, I didn't have uneven looking skin and more importantly, NEVER did I get spots. 

Oh how times have changed!

As the years have gone by my skin has got progressively worse. It brings a tear to my eye even thinking about it. I have to wear primer, concealer, foundation and sometimes bronzer and that is just to correct my paleness, spot outbreaks, dark circles and uneven skin tone. I know I am not the only girl that struggles with this, so I thought I would do a review on the two foundations that are my go to product at the moment giving you my honest opinions on both. 

Maybelline Superstay 24hr Foundation

This product claims that is has the staying power. 
For 24 hours in fact.
 But is this actually true?

The foundation also claims to do the following:

  • Transfer resistant (which is what we all hope for when we are trying to make our face picture perfect right?)
  • SPF 19 (we don't actually know if it really contains this though!)
  • Look naturally flawless all day (that's a big promise.)
  • Micro-flex formula providing 24 hour wear. 
  • Withstands heat, sweat, transfer and touch (again a big claim.)
  • Oil free, fragrance free, tested under dermatological control.
  • Suitable for all skin types. 
As far as I am aware there a 6 shades. I did go onto their site to check this, but one of their sites shows 8 shades and the other 6. You can make your minds up about that. The shade I own is 010 Ivory, now you may say "woaaaahh, that is like...White!" Well surprisingly it isn't, it is actually more of a creamy beige colour with pink undertones. If that makes sense. It is still pretty pale compared to the other shades available and people that actually have colour to their face rather than looking like the living dead. Like me. 

Here I will show you a swatch.

Wow, my hand looks awful in this picture. I promise you this is an upload error and I don't have grey scaly looking hands. :) I don't know what's up with this upload programme on Blogger. 

Sort it out!!! 

Moving on! You can see from the swatch that the consistency is fairly thick and smooth in texture. The colour payoff doesn't look much on the swatch but it's actually super good when applied to the face. I went for a shade darker than my natural skin as I wanted to add a drop of healthy colour to my face. I do find however, that the foundation does oxidise (when the foundation reacts to your natural skin PH and turn orangey), ever so slightly during application but it is easily blended out to achieve a natural look. 

I have tried many foundations in my time and used to use Estée Lauder's Double Wear foundation because it was slightly thicker than your average foundation and it was touch proof. For some reason I always seem to be touching my face or have my hands around that area and my base never seemed to falter wearing this. But of course it was getting a little pricey so I needed to find a drug store alternative. And for me this Maybelline Superstay foundation is it!! 
The consistency is exactly the same as Estée Lauder's and it stays put all day long just like it says on the packet. I have had many compliments about how my makeup looks flawless and this foundation is a big factor for that. You can use this foundation every day or just for a night out, it depends on how you like to wear slightly thicker bases.  

I do find under my eyes need touching up throughout the day as slowly the circles start making their way through, but that is all. I also find it sets best with a light dusting of bronzer and it literally looks flawless. It isn't heavy on the skin at all, which you think it would be considering the thickness of this foundation, and it doesn't look cakey either, it provides a natural finish even though it's fairly pigmented. However,the whole withstands "sweat and heat" claim I find isn't particularly true! I exercise and dance around my room with my Ipod on (as we all do at some point in the day *raises eyebrow*. Ha), and I get really hot and I am wiping my face a lot. Afterwards I find the foundation has made its way off my face slightly and I am left with the odd patchy part on my skin. With that said, it does withstand a beating and over all I am pretty impressed with its staying power even through exercise. 

Over all I LOVE this dupe Estée Lauder foundation and it is my 100% go to product and a definite must have foundation. At £8.99 (in Boots) you cannot go wrong, it is a steal and super easy to apply and blend. Boots,currently have an offer on in the UK for 'buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected Maybelline cosmetics'. If you didn't have a reason to go makeup shopping before... You do now!!
I always look so happy in my pictures!! I am really. :D 

L'oréal Lumi Magique Foundation

A complexion illuminating base.
Does it do what it says on the tin? 

L'oréal Lumi Magique claims that it contains new Liquid Light Technology. This in return is meant to "infuse skin with a ray of light, illuminating your complexion as if lit-from-within." It also claims to give 'perfect coverage, without masking' and the result, 'a radiant flawless complexion that's full of life.'

  • Gives instant skin radiance.
  • Light texture, lets the skin breathe & 24 hour hours of hydration.
  • Contains SPF 18.

Their site are  showing 5 different shades which isn't a vast range compared to other foundations out there and they are all pretty similar in tone. The shade I picked up is C4 - Rose Beige, I was looking to match the Maybelline shade that I had as I knew that goes with my skin tone. I would say it appears slightly more darker (shown in swatch picture down the page)than the other foundation swatch but when applied it has the same appearance.

 At the time of buying this I had blonde hair and I wanted a light foundation that I could wear when I just needed to take the edge off my own skin and didn't want a load of makeup on. I wanted something illuminating that would give me a natural glow and covered my under eye circles. Unfortunately as soon as I put it on it completely oxidised and the colour payoff was awful. I looked like a Dorito crisp!! Ha. Since then it had been sitting on my dressing table looking a sorry state. 

 I have obviously now become a brunette and a few months ago I decided to try this foundation again.The reason being was because I was running pretty low on my Maybelline one and wanted to save that until I really needed it. 

I was actually shocked at how different the foundation was on my skin. It looked awesome! It didn't oxidise and the colour payoff was true to what was in the packaging. I couldn't believe the difference, and I think the reason it looked how it should of in the beginning was because of my hair colour change. My hair was white before and I assume the orange tone to it was because my hair was so light. Now that I am darker it looks so natural and 'glowy'. If you are blonde and pale like I was, I would go for a shade lighter than mine, which I think is C1 - Rose Pearl. 

Here is a swatch. 

This foundation seems a lot more 'watery' compared to the Maybelline one which in turn makes it thinner to apply and is a great every day product. I find you have to blend this foundation in a lot more to avoid streaking and have to apply a few 'dabbed' layers under the eye to cover the circles but it is true to its word. It makes my skin have an illuminated sheen to it. A healthy glow. Again this product is light to wear, it feels like you don't have anything on, maybe it feels more like a second skin? 
It doesn't dry out the skin, but 24 hours moisture isn't really a given, it just feels the same to me. 

I have makeup brushes but I always end up using my hands to blend as it's quicker for me when I am in a rush and I am lazy. Ha. 
The only real downside to this product is that it isn't really touch proof, it does wear off after a while. So the staying power isn't entirely great and it does go patchy towards the end of the day. But it's a must have if you are just looking for something to throw on to make you feel human again. 

Here are a couple of pictures with me wearing the product. 

Excuse the awfully drawn eyebrows!! 
I literally just have the foundation on here.
No bronzer or blush. 
It's such a nice product to wear. 

 You can also get this product in your local drug store. At Boots & Superdrug it is £10.99. 

Over all I love both of these products, and I love them both for different reasons. The Maybelline Superstay 24 hour foundation is my favourite for its staying power and matte finish. I love how easy it is to apply and blend, I love how I can still touch my face without it transferring and of course I love the price. It is so affordable and actually lasts quite a while. The L'oréal Lumi Magique foundation is my favourite "throw it on" foundation that gives a super nice glow to your complexion. Is lightweight enough just to wear around the house and hide imperfections and is my go to product when I am looking 'crappy' but chilling indoors. Ha ha. 

I would recommend buying both of these products but if I had to chose my 'must have' foundation the Maybelline Superstay 24hours wins hands down as an all rounder. 

I am really picky with products... Well a lot of things in general (it has to be right), but if I say something is good... It is good!! I will always give a 100% honest opinion and if I don't like a product I will say. 

You can trust me fellow readers! :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading this review? Don't forget you can leave me comments, subscribe and follow me on all social media outlets. 


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